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It's a Web Portal for PROPERTY domain
It's a Web Portal For Indestries Product Price Forcasting,Price History and Maintain Detail of Product
It's a Web Projet TO Provide All Type of ERP Solutions
Wlcome to NAr Solutions

NAR Solutions was established in 2004. Moving on the dreams and directions of our youngest technology Prime Minister Sh. Rajiv Gandhi of making India Technologically developed country and realizing the need of basic infrastructure for development of country, Information Technology was focused among others, as IT is only thing that can help us in creating / substituting/supporting basic infrastructure in least time and at least cost.

The Organization quickly responds these developments so that we can be the facilitators for the society in these areas.

NAR Solutions is owned and managed by a group of committed Professionals with qualifications in Engineering and Management from Finance and IT sectors with a team mainly comprising of B. Tech. / MCA/MBA / Post-Graduates. The company, over a period of Four years, has developed a huge collection of software components and Custom-made software on variety of applications platforms. The origin of NAR Solutions is deeply routed in the software development technology. The strategy built into the corporate structure of NAR Solutions indicates a new way of thinking about applications, Web applications and system software. This results in truly integrated solutions to various Industrial requirements for software development, testing, maintenance, and Enhancement.NAR Solutions incorporate cutting-edge and future proof Technologies, making feasible a seamless inter-operability with the internet and other emerging trends.



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